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Achievements are an important element in Out of Space. Players can gain achievements by finishing Challenges or Missions. Some achievements unlock new gamemodes, furniture, or skins. Some also are titled in reference to a similar game or popular meme.

List of Achievements[]

Icon Achievement Description Reference
AchMovingout.jpg Moving Out Complete the Tutorial Moving Out
AchIwannalivealone.jpg I wanna live alone! Start a Solo Match N/A
AchNomad.jpg Quite a nomad Play 3 Matches N/A
AchNotthebestplace.jpg Not the best place yet Play 8 Matches N/A
AchRoomies.jpg Hey, roomies! Play 1 Match Online N/A
AchBachelor.jpg Bachelor's apartment Win a match in a Small Ship. N/A
AchApartment.jpg Family apartment Win a match in a Medium Ship. N/A
AchHouse.jpg Our first house Win a match in a Large Ship. N/A
AchWorkwork.jpg Work, work Build 50 pieces of furniture. N/A
AchThinkaboutenvironment.jpg Think about the environment! Recycle 250 Items. N/A
AchOvercooked.jpg Over Cooked Cook 40 Aliens. Overcooked
AchPowerup.jpg Power Up! Activate 100 Rooms with a Battery N/A
AchWellfurnished.jpg Well furnitured house Spend over 4000 in the Shop. N/A
AchNocooking.jpg Unusual way: No cooking Win a match without cooking any meals, not even once.

Ship size: medium or large.

AchNoresting.jpg Unusual way: No resting Win a match without comfortably resting. Sleeping on the

ground is allowed, unless you actually care for your dignity.

Ship size: medium or large.

AchNoshowering.jpg Unusual way: No showering Win a match without showering yourself or other players.

Ship size: medium or large.

AchLessshopping.jpg Unusual way: Less shopping Win a match without purchasing any appliances that require energy to function, including the Cleaning Robot.

Ship size: medium or large.

AchNokilling.jpg Unusual way: No killing Win a match without killing any aliens or throwing them into space.

Cleaning their eggs is acceptable! Ship size: medium or large.


Hidden Achievements[]

Icon Achievement Description Reference
Do not starve.jpg Do Not Starve Win a Weekly Challenge Don't Starve
Shooting Stars.jpg Shooting Stars Throw a cocooned friend into space. Shooting Stars
The Slims.jpg The Slims Win 3 unique Weekly Challenges The Sims
Storage not Included.jpg Storage Not Included Win 5 unique Weekly Challenges Oxygen Not Included
Mixers in a Dangerous Spacehouse.jpg Mixers in a Dangerous Spacehouse Win 8 unique Weekly Challenges Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
Alien Goo Cleanup.jpg Alien Goo Cleanup Win 11 unique Weekly Challenges Viscera Cleanup Detail
Better Safe than Sorry.jpg Better safe than sorry Own five buckets in a single match N/A
Fully Stocked.jpg Fully stocked Fill a refrigerator with only cooked food. N/A