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Aliens are the main antagonist of Out of Space. They are characterized by their striking purple color and ability to quickly take over rooms, if left unchecked.


At the start of the game, most of the Spaceship will be covered in goo. Players that walk on goo become increasingly dirty, which makes entering an infested room a laborious process. While goo mostly can't spread on its own (except via a Vent or depowered Battery Slot), it has a chance to generate Cysts over time.

Cysts may spawn on the floor and on doors. Each cyst increases at a rate of once every ? seconds, eventually popping up and releasing an Alien after increasing twice.

Finally, there are Aliens. By moving around the environment, Aliens can cover clean surfaces with goo, perpetuating the process of spread throughout the ship. Aliens may also:

  • Spawn Cysts on doors, possibly creating a breach into an otherwise clean room;
  • Infect Furniture, deactivating it and preventing its usage;
  • Turn into Purple Cysts, starting a process of Metamorphosis and possibly mutating into an Advanced Alien.


Goo can be cleaned in multiples ways, such as with Mops, Buckets and with the help from a Cleaner Bot. Conversely, Cysts can only be cleaned with Buckets or Watering Bot R2, making them particularly tricky to clean.

Aliens must be first stunned with a Mop, Bucket or with a Dog's bark and then either 1. be stored on a table or a refrigerator, or 2. be consumed via Recycler, Macrowave, Mixer or by throwing it in space.

Advanced Aliens[]

3-4 Mutations are secretly and randomly selected at the beginning of a run. If an Alien is allowed to mutate, it may take the form of any of these previously selected mutations.

The entire mutation list is available below. New aliens are unlocked through winning ships of any sizes, so it takes at least 6 games to have them all unlocked.

Advanced Alien Detail
Flying alien that is immune to Mops, must be stunned by splashing with bucket or dog barking. Spits goo at players instead of spreading it via normal movement. Pacified by lamp.
Rapidly decreases Stamina to nearby Roomies, so stun it quickly and avoid green cloud so you won't fall asleep!
Roomies get dirtier upon touching/carrying it unless they are coated with Quarantine Spray.
When hit with Water, becomes faster and wakes up from stun.
Immune to Mops while armored. To remove its armor, Water must be used.
Aliens close to it (including itself) become immune to a Dog's Bark. Buffs the speed of nearby aliens.