Out of Space Wiki

Appliances are helpful items which require electricity, which means they must be place on a power outlet in a powered room to function. Boxed appliances can be found while exploring the Spaceship, and can also be purchased from the Shop.


Appliance Description
Pumpkin Garden Regularly produces Pumpkins, but must be watered occasionally. Every ship has a Pumpkin Garden at the start.
Shower Removes dirt from Roomies, and un-cocoons roomies placed into the shower by another roomie. Can also be used to fill up a bucket.
Macrowave Turns a pumpkin into a salad or an alien into a cooked chicken
Mixer Turns organic materials into a battery. Accepts pumpkins, salad (partial or whole), aliens, and chicken (partial or whole).
Refrigerator Stores up to 20 items. Accepts food, stunned aliens, boxed appliances and furniture, trash, buckets, mops, and cleaner bots.
Exercise Bike Generates cash over time when used, but increases Hunger (2% per tick) and Fatigue (11% per tick). Amount of cash generated per tick varies based on how many roomies are playing.
Television Regularly provides a 40% discount on various items in the shop. The discounted item changes over time.
Lamp Reduces the speed of aliens in the room, and causes aliens to prioritize attacking the lamp before other targets.
Cleaner Bot CB-8 Automatically cleans goo from floors.
Watering Bot R2 Automatically refills empty buckets, waters Pumpkin Gardens, and splashes roomies to remove dirt.
Chef Bot D2 Automatically harvests Pumpkin Gardens, operates Macrowaves, and stores food for you on tables and refrigerators. Will bring food to roomies whose hunger meter is nearly full.