Out of Space Wiki

Challenges are an important element in Out of Space.

Weekly Challenge[]

The Weekly Challenge changes every week, with a new one starting every Wednesday.

Each Weekly Challenge has a static map (non-random) and a static list of three modifiers.

Modifier List[]

Not all modifiers are on this list.

Modifier Description
Krogan Surprise Eggs may spawn other Items. Possible spawn list: Alien, Spray, Battery, Pumpkin
Sticky Goo Being dirty slows Roomies.
Hyperinflation Buying anything increases all prices. All items starts at the same price.
Broken Plumbing Faucets and Sinks may fill Buckets with Goo instead of water.
Transgenic Garden Gardens may spawn other items. Possible spawn list: Pumpkin, Salad, Chicken, Trash.
Hardcode Housekeeping Cocoons Roomies on their first hit.
Secret Santa Items bought at the shop are randomized within their tab. Batteries are immune to this.
It is Alive Cleaning Goo may spawn (non-stunned) Aliens (instead of Trash).
Fast Delivery Items bought at the shop arrive 2x faster.
Uncomfortable Floor Roomies don't regenerate Stamina when sleeping on the floor.
Power of Friendship Players get faster when friends are nearby.
Cycle of Life Eating makes player tired, resting makes player hungry.
Item Madness Every spawned item (while cleaning Goo) is randomized.