Out of Space Wiki

Companions are friendly creatures who actively help the players in exchange of some resource. To spawn them, a Roomie must place their spawning mat somewhere in the ship.


Pets are friendly animals who help the players in exchange of food. To feed them, a Roomie must place an Alien or a food item on their mat.

Pet Description
Dog Barks at Aliens, stunning them. When hungry, drinks water from Buckets on the floor.


Bots require a powered outlet to function. After deployment, they may have to return to their mat to power up.

Bot Description
Cleaner Bot Cleans the floor of goo as it moves.
Watering Bot R2 Cleans Roomies and Furniture with Buckets; fills Buckets with Faucets or Sinks; waters plants.
Chef Bot D2 Moves Pumpkins to Macrowaves, feeds starving Roomies and places cooked food in Refrigerators or on Tables.