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Furniture (or workstations, as they used to be called) are placeable structures that serve various different functions in Out of Space. Opposite to Appliances, Furniture does NOT require electricity, and as such may be placed and used in unpowered rooms. They can be both acquired from unexplored rooms or purchased from the Shop.


Furniture Description Required achievement
Recycler Issued upon game start. Turns bagged garbage, stunned Aliens and packaged items into Cash. Can be used to un-cocoon a player, but it will get dirty afterwards. -
Armchair Recharges Fatigue at slow rate. -

("Moving out" gives brown skin)

Couch Recharges Fatigue at a faster rate. Occupies a 1x2 area. -
Bed Recharges Fatigue at the fastest rate. Occupies a 1x2 area. Work, work
Sink Fills the Bucket with water. Can also store up to one Bucket inside of it. Bachelor's apartment
Table Can store up to 3 Items and/or stunned Aliens. Stored food doesn't expire and stored Aliens don't wake up. -
Kitchen Table A Table that stores up to 4 Items. Well furnished house
Rug Protects a 2x2 area from Alien Goo. Goo can still exist below it and can grow out of it. -
Plant Passively recharges Fatigue in a room. Unusual way: no resting
Bookshelf Speeds up any powered Appliances in the same room. Unusual way: no showering
Nightstand Doubles efficiency of Couch and Bed in the room. -
Family Portraits When a player eats Food in its room, other Roomies in that room also reduce their Hunger. Usual way: no cooking