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Items are miscellaneous objects that cannot be placed, but instead used. They include tools, food, and more.


Directly tied to the game's win condition. A battery may be used on a power slot to power its corresponding room. Appliances require a powered outlet to function, Furniture does not, and players need to power all rooms in order to win.


These are items that serve to combat the spread of the Aliens. Some are consumable and some aren't. Game starts with 1 mop and 1 bucket, no matter how many Roomies.

Tool Description
Mop Used to clean Goo from the floor and stun Aliens.
Bucket Transports Water. Water is used to clean Goo from the floor and doors, remove alien eggs and stun Aliens.
Quarantine Spray Consumable. Hold to use. Makes a Roomie, Furniture, Door or Duct temporarily immune to Goo. The effect will wear off with Water.


Main article: Food

Food refers to a variety of consumable items which can be eaten to reduce Roomies. Food can be stored on Tables or in a Refrigerator. If left on the floor for too long, food will turn into Goo.