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Roomie is the player character in Out of Space. There are multiple species of Roomies, such as Sharks and Foxes, though their appearance does not affect gameplay.


Every Roomie has three attributes: Stamina, Hunger and Dirt. Each of these attributes incur heavy penalties if left unchecked; as such, they must be carefully monitored to avoid potentially game-ending consequences.

Attribute Factors Healing Penalty Notes
Stamina Passively increases, and Usage: Mop, Quarantine Spray, Exercise Bike (11%/tick) Passing Out, or Usage: Chair, Couch, Bed Passing Out: Roomie sleeps and slowly recovers Stamina, only waking up when splashed with a water Bucket, or when Stamina is fully restored Roomie can get goo'd while asleep
Hunger Passively increases, and Usage: Exercise Bike (2%/tick) Eating Food Starvation: Roomie falls to the floor and only recovers when fed May trigger Game Over
Dirt Certain variants of Aliens, recycling a Cocoon and touching Goo Usage: Bucket, Shower Cocoon: Roomie becomes an alien Cocoon and only recovers with a Shower or Recycler May trigger Game Over


Out of Space offers a variety of species to choose from. They are merely cosmetic, and some can be unlocked by completing Achievements.

Roomie Unlocked via Trivia
Beaver Roomie.png
Starting character The red beaver has appeared in several Behold Studios games.
Dog Roomie.png
Starting character N/A
Whale Roomie.png
Starting character N/A
Bird Roomie.png
Starting character N/A
Sloth Roomie.png
"Our first house" achievement: Win a match in a Large ship. N/A
Snail Roomie.png
"Hey, roomies!" achievement: Play an online match. N/A
Fox Roomie.png
"Quite a nomad" achievement: Play 3 matches. N/A
Shark Roomie.png
"Not the best place yet" achievement: Play 8 matches. N/A
Roomie Bucket Head.png
Bucket Head
"Shooting stars" achievement: Throw a cocooned friend into space.

It is acquired by having a roomie be cocooned and then thrown into space, after they respawn at the entrance and the cocoon is removed, they will be wearing this head automatically and it will become selectable for future games.