Spaceships are the procedurally generated levels in Out of Space.


The Porch at the start of the game.
At the start of each run, Roomies start on the Porch, an outside area equipped with a Faucet. Buckets may be stored and filled with the Faucet, similar to Sinks.

Yet most of the ship is made up of Rooms and Corridors, connected by Doors. These areas may branch out into different directions, creating multiple fronts through which Aliens can attack. The size, shape, aesthetic and features of a room or corridor are mostly random, though these attributes are also influenced by the presence and arrangement of adjacent rooms. The actual amount of rooms and corridors is dictated by the size of the ship.


Before starting a match, players may choose one of three sizes for the ship: Small, Medium and Large. The latter two, however, are initially locked behind Achievements.

Small ships have 6 rooms. Medium ships have 9 rooms. Large ships boast 12 rooms.


Rooms are the primary unit of a Spaceship - one could describe it as its "cell". At the start of the game, all rooms are found in varying states of dirtiness, and usually contain at least one unpacked Furniture inside.

Rooms are also outfitted with Battery Slots and Power Outlets. When provided with a Battery, Battery Slots power a room, activating all Power Outlets inside it. Since the main objective of the game is to power every single room in the ship, doing this becomes massively important.

Rooms may also contain running Vents, which steadily drip Goo if left unchecked. Roomies may clean a Vent with the use of a Bucket or lock it down with a Quarantine Spray, though both of these solutions are only temporary. Vents, as such, are a powerful and dangerous vector of infection.


Doors connect different Rooms and/or Corridors together. They may be opened and closed by a Roomie at any time, though a Door connected to any unpowered room closes itself after a certain amount of time.


A 1x2 corridor annexed to two rooms.
Corridors are rooms that lack Power outlets and Vents. Their aesthetic vastly differ to a room due to their semi-transparent walls.

As they lack even the concept of Power, they do not count as an "unpowered room" in regards to Doors and scoring.

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