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The Shop is a core mechanic in Out of Space. With it, Roomies are able to obtain Furniture, Items and Companions in exchange of currency.


To use the shop, Roomies require money, which can be earned by various methods such as recycling items with a Recycler or exercising with the Exercise Bike. Depending on the amount of players in the match, Roomies may also start with an initial amount of currency: 30$ in a singleplayer match, 15$ in a two-player match, and 0$ in three- and four-player matches.

The team's current amount of money is always displayed in the inferior right part of the screen.


Purchases are made via the Shop, which is divided into four sections: Items, Powered Appliances, Unpowered Furniture and Miscelaneous. To buy a product, a Roomie must navigate to its proper tab, select it and pay its cost, which may greatly vary from product to product.

After a purchase is made, a delivery order is then created, appearing as a timer in the superior left part of the screen. When the timer finishes ticking down, the delivery is made and the product appears in the Porch.


Furniture, aliens and most items may be "sold" by recycling them using a Recycler. After the object gets scrapped, a fraction of its original price gets added to the team currency.

Products and Prices[]

While prices may vary due to variable player count, Weekly Challenge rules and/or the Television, they generally have a fixed price. Listed below are all the products available for purchase, along with their corresponding prices and section.

Product Price Sell Value
Quarantine Spray 10$ -
Pizza 15$ 5$/3$/2$/1$
Recycler 15$ -
Battery 30$ 10$
Mop 35$ -
Bucket 40$ -
Sink 45$ -
Powered Appliances
Outlet Extension 10$ 3$
Exercise Bike 15$ 5$
Shower 20$ 7$
Pumpkin Garden 20$ 7$
Refrigerator 25$ 8$
Macrowave 35$ 12$
Cleaner Bot CB-8 40$ 14$
Watering Bot R2 50$ 17$
Chef Bot D2 60$ 17$
Mixer 60$ 21$
Unpowered Furniture
Table 10$ 3$
Armchair 10$ 7$
Kitchen Table 15$ 3$
Couch 20$ 7$
Bed 35$ 12$
Nightstand 10$ 3$
TV 20$ 7$
Lamp 20$ 7$
Family Portraits 20$ 7$
Decorative Plant 20$ 7$
Bookshelf 25$ 8$
Rug 25$ 8$
Alien - 6$
TRASH - 6$/7$ in Zen Mode
Pumpkin - 4$
Salad - 8$/4$
Roasted Alien - 10$/7$/5$/2$